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Gallery Torpet






Gallery Torpet




The expanded space


Restlessminds have northern Europe's smallest gallery. Great artist has exhibit during the years at our kitchen shelf.

Next spring 2024, we have expanded the space and going to have a group exhibition and Restlessminds are the curators.

Gallery Torpet are also very climate-smart, because of the size you need less material and you don’t need to come to install the art, just send it with post.

We livestream the opening and invite locals for veggie soup and a great art experience in our kitchen.

Send a proposal with your CV and link to website. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you!

Mail: Snoidspace@outlook.com

Dead line: 24-12-2023









Your work should not be bigger then this!


Till denna utställning välkomnar vi två konstnärer från Finland,
Jani Anders Purhunen och Eeva Rönkä.

Bebetton makes country wine and navigates a rugged picnic in the waters of art. It’s an art initiative formed by Eeva Rönkä and Jani Anders Purhonen with the intention of mixing disparate elements in meaningful ways: Bebetton’s foci lays in the production of wine in an extended sense, resulting in concoctions, fermentations, poetry and play while exploring their own entanglements.
For Torpet, Bebetton will prepare a nano wine making manifesto, displayed as a non-intrusive 1-bit display in the art space, together with a sound performance and wine tasting at the opening.









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