A collaboration project between Linda Emmy Al-ghussein and Fabian Olovson








Gallery Torpet




Restlessminds is a collaborative art duo by the artists:

Linda Emily Al-Ghussein (1977)                                  

Master in fine arts (Sculpture) at the Finnish academy of fine arts. 2012-2014
Bachelor in Textile art at the Konstfack university of arts, crafts and design. 2004-2007


Fabian Olovson (1981)

Master in fine arts (Sculpture) at the Finnish academy of fine arts. 2012-2014 
Bachelor in fine arts (Sculpture) at the Finnish academy of fine arts. 2006-2009


2022. “Art Test Field”, Öland, Sweden.
2022. ”Objects have feelings too”, Forum Box, Helsinki.
2021. “En gammal räv” BANK! Västervik Street Art Festival
2020. "White christmas dreams" Misschiefs. Stockholm 
2020. "Ask Lotta" Kajko Art festival. Stockholm
2019. TransFolk Exhibition. Almska gården. Loviisa, Finland
2019. "Object Agility" Kajko Art festival. Stockholm
2019. “Texas Jazz” Habitable Spaces. Texas
2018. “Objects have feelings too” Loviisa Contemporary, Finland
2018. “BACK TO THE CLOSET part 2” Carlton Arms Hotel. New York.
2017. “UFE (Unidentified Force of Economy)” Nordea Bank, Helsinki 
2016. “Home Wrapped Sculptures” Årsta, Stockholm 
2016. “BACK TO THE CLOSET part 1” Carlton Arms Hotel. NewYork 
2015. Gallery Momangen. Stockholm
2015. “Can we choose what we believe?” Sorbus gallery. Helsinki 
2013. “Glazed mermaid” Finnish academy residence. Berlin 
2013. DRAVE “Pop Up Art House” Theater Diana. Helsinki
2022.09. Kajko Art festival. Stockholm
2023.02. Konstepidemin. Göteborg
2022 – Grant, Konstnärsnämnden
2020 - Grant, Svenska kulturfonden
2018 - Grant, Nordisk kulturkontakt
2017 - Award, Merita Art Foundation 
2014 - New York residence, Finnish Academy of fine

We run the mini gallery “Gallery Cottage” on a kitchen shelf in Stockholm.

We invite international artists to exhibit. To the opening we invite the neighbors for food.